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Who we are

MVDr. Filip Kološ

Veterinarian specialized in chiropractic, surgery, dentistry and orthopedics, experienced horse trainer, former dressage and cross country rider. 



Mgr. Kristýna Šmídová

Horse lover, coach, trainer and writer. Passionate about horses, human minds and life. 




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heinz@stoffregen-online.de - Kristyna is excellent

The last video shows that Kristyna is both - a patient and successful trainer teaching her horse many tricks - and a very elegant and gentle rider.
And as the video heading says, it is having fun for both of them:
She fully enjoys riding bareback on such a wonderful horse - and he loves to have her on his back.

Kristýna - Re: Kristyna is excellent

Thank you :)

Victor Betncourt - R Kristyna is excellent

you re are a very good trainer Kristýna!!! Congratulation!!!


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