Clinical Endocrinology of Companion Animals - Jacquie Rand, Ellen Behrend, Danielle Gunn-Moore, Michelle Campbell-Ward


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Clinical Endocrinology of Companion Animals offers fast access to clinically relevant information on managing the patient with endocrine disease. Written by leading experts in veterinary endocrinology, each chapter takes the same structure to aid in the rapid retrieval of information, offering information on pathogenesis, signalment, clinical signs, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention for a broad list of endocrine disorders.  Chapters begin with brief summaries for quick reference, then delve into greater detail.

With complete coverage of the most common endocrine diseases, the book includes chapters on conditions in dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, reptiles, and other species.  Clinical Endocrinology of Companion Animals is a highly practical resource for any veterinarian treating these common diseases.

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1 Hypoadrenocorticism in Dogs 1
Patty Lathan

2 Hypoadrenocorticism in Cats 22
Danièlle Gunn-Moore and Kerry Simpson

3 Hypoadrenocorticism in Other Species 28
Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

4 Critical Illness-Related Corticosteroid Insufficiency (Previously Known as Relative Adrenal Insufficiency) 36
Linda Martin

5 Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs 43
Ellen N. Behrend and Carlos Melian

6 Primary Functioning Adrenal Tumors Producing Signs Similar to Hyperadrenocorticism Including Atypical Syndromes in Dogs 65
Kate Hill

7 Hyperadrenocorticism in Cats 71
Danièlle Gunn-Moore and Kerry Simpson

8 Primary Functioning Adrenal Tumors Producing Signs Similar to Hyperadrenocorticism Including Atypical Syndromes in Cats 80
Nicki Reed and Danièlle Gunn-Moore

9 Hyperadrenocorticism in Ferrets 86
Nico J. Schoemaker

10 Hyperadrenocorticism and Primary Functioning Adrenal Tumors in Other Species (Excluding Horses and Ferrets) 95
Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

11 Hyperadrenocorticism (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction) in Horses 100
Catherine McGowan

12 Primary Hyperaldosteronism 115
Andrea M. Harvey and Kent R. Refsal

13 Pheochromocytoma in Dogs 128
Claudia E. Reusch

14 Pheochromocytoma in Cats 137
Danièlle Gunn-Moore and Kerry Simpson

15 Canine Diabetes Mellitus 143
Linda Fleeman and Jacquie Rand

16 Feline Diabetes Mellitus 169
Jacquie Rand

17 Diabetes Mellitus in Other Species 191
Michelle L. Campbell-Ward and Jacquie Rand

18 Canine Diabetic Emergencies 201
Rebecka S. Hess

19 Feline Diabetic Ketoacidosis 209
Jacquie Rand

20 Equine Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance Syndrome in Horses 217
John Keen

21 Insulinoma in Dogs 229
Rebecka S. Hess

22 Insulinoma in Cats 240
Danièlle Gunn-Moore and Kerry Simpson

23 Insulinomas in Other Species 245
Sue Chen and Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

24 Gastrinoma, Glucagonoma, and Other APUDomas 253
Craig Ruaux and Patrick Carney

25 Hypothyroidism in Dogs 263
David Panciera

26 Hypothyroidism in Cats 273
Danièlle Gunn-Moore

27 Hypothyroidism in Other Species 278
Janice Sojka Kritchevsky

28 Hyperthyroidism in Dogs 291
David Panciera

29 Hyperthyroidism in Cats 295
Mark E. Peterson

30 Hyperthyroidism/Thyroid Neoplasia in Other Species 311
Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

31 Hypocalcemia in Dogs 315
Patricia A. Schenck and Dennis Chew

32 Hypocalcemia in Cats 326
Patricia A. Schenck and Dennis Chew

33 Hypocalcemia in Other Species 335
Michael Stanford, John Keen and Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

34 Hypercalcemia in Dogs 356
Patricia A. Schenck and Dennis Chew

35 Hypercalcemia in Cats 373
Dennis Chew and Patricia A. Schenck

36 Hypercalcemia in Other Species 385
Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

37 Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Reptiles 396
Kevin Eatwell

38 Hyposomatotropism in Dogs 404
Annemarie M.W.Y. Voorbij and Hans S. Kooistra

39 Hyposomatotropism in Cats 416
Nicki Reed and Danièlle Gunn-Moore

40 Acromegaly in Dogs 421
Hans S. Kooistra

41 Acromegaly in Cats 427
David Church and Stijn J. M. Niessen

42 Diabetes Insipidus and Polyuria/Polydipsia in Dogs 436
Katharine F. Lunn and Katherine M. James

43 Diabetes Insipidus in Cats 450
Nicki Reed and Danièlle Gunn-Moore

44 Hyponatremia, SIADH, and Renal Salt Wasting 458
Katherine M. James

45 Estrogen- and Androgen-Related Disorders 467
Cheri A. Johnson

46 Progesterone and Prolactin-Related Disorders; Adrenal Dysfunction and Sex Hormones 487
Cheri A. Johnson

47 Pathologic Reproductive Endocrinology in Other Species 504
John Keen and Michelle L. Campbell-Ward

Index 512

“The chapters have been written by a panel of internationally renowned authors, presenting the latest knowledge and treatment guidelines. It is therefore not only designed for the general practitioner needing help in the busy daily practice, but also for specialists in internal medicine.”  (Veterinary Record,10 August 2013)

“A practical tool for the busy practitioner.”  (Vets Today, 1 June 2013)

  • Provides a quick reference on effectively treating patients with endocrine disorders
  • Offers a consistent presentation for ease of use
  • Covers the most common endocrine diseases encountered in daily practice
  • Written by top veterinary endocrinologists
  • Encompasses small animal, exotic, and equine practice
  • Allows fast access to information in the consulting room or in the field
  • Vazba: lepená
  • Počet stran: 536
  • Nakladatel: Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (4 Jan. 2013)
  • Jazyk: angličtina
  • ISBN-10: 081380583X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0813805832
  • Rozměry: 18.8 x 2.5 x 24.4 cm
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