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Philippe Karl - Classical Dressage Part 2: The School of Gymnastics


Dostupné na objednávku.

In the second part of this schooling series, Philippe Karl presents additional gymnastic exercises, which continue to further the horses training. He introduces the double bridle as an important aid for advanced gymnastic exercises. Through combined lateral work, shoulder-in, counter shoulder-in, travers and renvers, the balance, suppleness and mobility of the horses are trained and established, resulting in a straight horse or a “saddle horse”. Jumping on the lunge and under the rider is part of the basic training of a horse, as well as flying changes in the canter, which every horse can learn if prepared and trained correctly. Philippe Karl was a member of the famous Cadre Noir in France for 13 years. His riding technique is a feast for the eyes. He is also well-known worldwide as a riding instructor, trainer and author. His impressive and perfect classical dressage presentations are treasured all over Europe. In clinics and courses, he presents the knowledge and the aesthetics of the old advanced riders, adapted to modern times. Canter Riding with a double bridle Combined lateral work Show jumping Flying changes

46 min

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