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Philippe Karl - The School of Légèreté Vol. 2


Dostupné na objednávku.

Hands-on training with students of the School of Légèreté Philippe Karl, riding master and advocate of “Légèreté” (lightness), is a much sought-after riding instructor all over the world. In his clinics, he sensitively, yet consistently conveys the basic principles of classical riding. These films are an excellent opportunity to watch Philippe Karl working with his students-licensed instructors and instructors-in-training of his School of Légèreté. He teaches riders on horses that we see every day: the charming heavy horse, the impish Haflinger, the lively Lusitano and the elegant competition horse. In his lessons, he systematically focuses on the specific level of schooling of each horse and rider pair. Thanks to the wide variety of sequences presented with all types of horse and rider combinations, the School of Légèreté becomes accessible to everyone, providing riders with problem-solving approaches they can use every day. The final aim of the schooling is an all-purpose horse that is light to the rider’s aids at all times. This second part shows the advanced work of the School of Légèreté: Combined lateral movements in walk and trot Lateral movements in canter Preparation for flying changes Development of Spanish walk, piaffe and passage Summary of a complete training session

80 min


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