Chris Bartle´s Cross – Country – Training


Chris Bartle’s Cross-Country Training From a forward light seat to the “oh-shit” position – with this educational film Christopher Bartle, coach of the British national Eventing team, wants to improve safety in cross-country riding. The cross-country seat positions are the key to success. Chris Bartle’s practical analysis of examples from training and professional sport reveal the sources of potential mistakes and provide a path to safe cross-country riding. A must-see for beginners, advanced riders and professionals. What you can learn in this film: – How safe seat positions can help you to ride successfully through the cross-country course – Which 5 cross-country seat positions should be known by every cross-country rider – How you can sit in balance with your horse both before and after the jump – Which are the most common seat errors and how you can avoid them – How the “oh-shit” position can rescue you and your horse from difficult situations

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52 min ISBN: 978-3-95499-088-7 [embed][/embed]


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