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Collection: Dreams and Reality – Theory lecture by Philippe Karl


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Philippe Karl, former Ecuyer of the famous Cadre Noir in Saumur in France, is renowned for his razor-sharp analyses and outspoken criticism of modern dressage.

In this filmed theory lecture, the French riding master examines one of the key elements of horse training: collection. Starting from the official concept of collection, he analyses the exact locomotion of the horse in the light of latest scientific findings and points out widespread mistakes and fallacies. He explains the different forms of collection using the example of passage and piaffe and describes the consequences arising for the entire training of the horse.

Philippe Karl’s line of reasoning, which he illustrates in his lecture with numerous photos and drawings, shows collection – one of the cornerstones of horse training – in a wholly new light.

Format: DVD: run time 68 minutes

ISBN: 978-3-95499-057-3

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