Creative Riding in the Arena – Lina Zacha, Barbro Lagergren


220 exercises for joy and success to all horses and equestrians

Creative Riding in the Arena is the second book in the Creative Riding series. It follows on from the best selling book Creative Riding with Obstacles. This unique book concept Creative Riding is for riders of all levels and disciplines.
The trainer, Lina Zacha, and graphic designer Barbro Lagergren, have collected 220 exercises especially for the arena. The authors have been all-consumed with designing the ultimate exercise guide to make riding both fun, creative and functional.

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Skladem 5+

Creative riding in the Arena contains an extensive range of exercises. How to ride your horse between the aids, how to jump with precision, ride through a gate, lunge your horse with body language or teach the horse flying changes in different ways. Those who want to work your horse from the ground will also find separate exercises.

The exercises are divided into six chapters.
1. Basic riding and dressage
2. Basic exercises with poles
3. Caprilli and flatwork
4. Cone exercises
5. Giant pole formations
6. Functional obstacles

Each exercise is illustrated with a clear diagram and written instructions for ease of understanding the task. In every exercise you will also find six symbols to indicate if it is suitable for either, walk, trot, canter, jumping, technical riding or working the horse from the ground.

This is a practical book designed for the riding arena. The chunky spiral bind and thick glossy pages are resistant to wear and tear and it’s easy keep on the page of the exercise you want to try.
This is a book that will be your companion in the arena for years to come!

  • Počet stran: 172
  • Nakladatel: Brightmare Production (2019)
  • Jazyk: angličtina
  • ISBN: 9789198481440
  • Rozměry: 240 x 170 x 25 mm

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