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Dr. Reiner Klimke – Dressage Training DVD 2 - Vol. 4-6: From medium to advanced level


Dostupné na objednávku.

Dr. Reiner Klimke is one of the most successful dressage riders worldwide! His 10-part instructional film series from the 80’s is legendary, now on 4 DVDs. He explains and demonstrates the correct training of horses according to classical principles – without any tricks, sound and simple. This issue is even more important and up-to-date although the video technology has advanced.

Volume 4: Working towards medium level World and Olympic Champion Reiner Klimke: “Between the fifth and sixth year, the dressage horse is started to be taught the basics of medium level exercises. We train the horse’s suppleness on both sides with lateral movements. The horse learns the flying changes in the canter. Collection and impulsion are improved. The horse grows into this training level.”

Volume 5: The training of the horse at medium level World and Olympic Champion Reiner Klimke: “If the horse is used to accomplishing the medium level exercises, it starts to mature into this level. One year is necessary to sufficiently develop well-shaped muscles that lead to even more expressive movements with even more presence and self-confidence. The rider’s aids are less obvious. The horse gains self-confidence.”

Volume 6: Working towards advanced level World and Olympic Champion Reiner Klimke: “Between the sixth and seventh year, a properly trained dressage horse will be able to accomplish the exercises of advanced level. The standards required at this level gradually change from Prix St. Georges to Grand Prix. In Prix St. Georges, the horse’s suitability for the classical dressage lessons should become obvious, and the appropriate exercises to reach this goal are lateral movements in the trot and canter, canter changes at different paces and half pirouettes in the canter. The horse’s expressive movement should reflect its proper gymnastic training.”

104 min.

ISBN: 978-3-93954-779-2

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