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Dr. Reiner Klimke – Dressage Training DVD 3 - Vol. 7+8: From Prix St. Georges to Intermédiaire II


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Dr. Reiner Klimke is one of the most successful dressage riders worldwide! His 10-part instructional film series from the 80’s is legendary and now on 4 DVDs. He explains and demonstrates the correct training of horses according to classical principles – without any tricks, sound and simple. This issue is even more important and up-to-date although the video technology has advanced.

Volume 7: From Prix St. Georges to Intermédiaire I World and Olympic Champion Reiner Klimke: “At the age of seven, the horse should gradually start to be trained towards the more difficult lessons of Intermédiaire II-level. The training has to be carefully adapted so as to prevent any detrimental consequences on the horse’s health. The exercises of Intermédiare I-level are most suitable in this respect. Half pass zigzag in the canter, pirouettes and 2 time flying canter changes are the core of the canter work. Work in the trot and in the walk corresponds to Prix St. Georges-level.”

Volume 8: The training schedule from Intermédiaire I to Intermédiaire II World and Olympic Champion Reiner Klimke: “Between the seventh and eighth year, the last preparatory exercise for the Grand Prix is trained. We collect the horse in half steps to come to the piaffe. We train the one time flying canter changes. Now the horse has to show whether it has the potential to accomplish the Grand Prix.”

70 min.

ISBN: 978-3-93954-780-8

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