Dressage for the 21st Century – Paul Belasik – Limitovaná edice, podepsáno autorem


Limited Edition

Limited edition, all copies signed and numbered by the author, Paul Belasik.

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This major work from Paul Belasik combines modern, innovative thought with an unshakable belief in the timeless, layered progression of the classical system of training horses. While it deals comprehensively with all the technical aspects of training, from breaking to the most advanced movements, the book also offers many examples of the author’s philosophy: to view riding and training essentially as an art form, to be practiced and celebrated for its own sake. Dressage for the 21st Century is a truly inspirational, thought-provoking book from an emerging modern–day master of horsemanship. In Dressage for the 21st Century the author marries a genuine adherence to classical principles with modern thinking and draws analogies from a wide range of arts, science and philosophies. Whilst being firmly grounded in the works of the equestrian masters, this is nevertheless an extremely practical book which takes the reader from early work with the young horse to the airs above the ground. Beautifully illustrated with over 100 colour photographs and line illustrations, Dressage for the 21st Century is essential reading for riders and trainers at every level.
  • Vazba: pevná
  • Počet stran: 182
  • Nakladatel: Xenophon press
  • Jazyk: angličtina
  • ISBN-13: 978-1570762116


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