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German Shepherds: A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders - Allison Clarke, Lizzy Brown


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Books in the A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders series explore in detail all aspects of owning and caring for individual breeds of dog. They include information on:

  • History of the breed and the breed standard
  • Choosing a puppy or a rescue dog
  • Care at every stage of life from puppy through to elderly dog
  • Healthcare and nutrition
  • Training and dealing with specific problems
  • Activities and competitions including showing
  • Breeding from mating to weaning
  • Common ailments and breed specific health issues
  • Vazba: lepená
  • Počet stran: 192
  • Nakladatel: The Crowood Press Ltd (14 Jan. 2016)
  • Jazyk: angličtina
  • ISBN-10: 178500090X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1785000904
  • Rozměry: 18.4 x 1.3 x 24.1 cm
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