Horsemanship – Waldemar Seunig


Horsemanship remains one of the most comprehensive and enduring books ever written on the training of horse and rider, from the basics to haute ecole.

The “Allen Classic Series” brings together in a collected edition important out-of-print works of equestrian scholarship, which would otherwise be inaccessible to the dedicated enthusiast. Originally written in German in 1941, and subsequently translated into English in 1956, Waldemar Seunig’s “Horsemanship” has become one of the most highly regarded works to be published on the training of the horse its rider. The book explores all aspects of horsemanship beginning with a study of the horse itself and a comprehensive evaluation of the physical and psychological requirements of a good rider. Following a section on the development of the rider’s seat and the use of aids, the author provides a complete course of instruction for the young horse and rider in Part Two, which includes groundwork, backing the horse for the first time, development of the gaits, work in a curb bit, training open country, jumping and a discussion on how defects of conformation, disposition and character affect the training process. Part Three covers advanced work including schooled collection, manege work, piaffe, passage and, finally, the “figures about the ground”.

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Vazba: pevná Počet stran: 388 Rozměry: 160 x 236 x 33 mm Vydavatel: TRAFALGAR SQUARE (01 Mar 2003) Jazyk: angličtina ISBN10: 1570762392 ISBN13: 9781570762390 [embed][/embed]

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Rozměry 16.3 × 3.4 × 24.4 cm


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