Learning to Ride – Piero Santini


This classic text explains every phase of riding and jumping by a horseman of vast experience and international reputation. The text is enriched with numerous photographs, drawings, and diagrams. The material presented here ought to be mastered by every beginner, while the more experienced rider will find much in these pages to improve his/her riding.

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This manual will also prove of great value to any instructor who wishes to condense and simplify the basic tenets of outdoor equitation for the benefit of his pupils. An entire section of the book is devoted to the riding school and methods of instruction. Piero Santini, author of this work, was perhaps the greatest teacher of riding in the world (in 1941) and in this volume he explains in detail and in simple language the fundamental principles of Captain Federico Caprilli’s forward-seat riding. This system was first expounded in the English language by Captain Santini and brought him fame overnight. Modern riding everywhere today bears the indelible stamp of his method. This classic is a treasure that belongs in every serious rider’s working bookshelf. Piero Santini was a devoted student and disciple of Federico Caprilli and was a well-respected author. Santini, a Major in the Italian Light Horse Cavalry, continued and advanced Caprilli’s methods through the early to mid-20th century. With an Italian father and American mother, Santini spoke and wrote English as a second language. He authored 5 books, including Learning to Ride, The Forward Impulse, and Riding Reflections and translated and edited The Caprilli Papers. CONTENTS Part I LEARNING TO RIDE 1. “Forward” Riding 2. The Horse and Tack 3. Mounting and Dismounting 4. The Reins and How to Hold Them 5. The Language of the Hand 6. The Leg 7. Leads and Diagonals 8. Whip and Spur 9. Gaits and Paces 10. Backing and Pulling Up 11. The Cavalletti 12. The Side Saddle 13. Jumping 14. Falling 15. Suppling and Relaxing Part II INSTRUCTING AND THE INSTRUCTOR 16. The School or Manege 17. The Instructor 18. Pupils and Classes 19. The Assistants Part III RULES FOR A RIDING COMPETITION 20. A Junior Cross-Saddle Competition 21. Control and Guidance Test 22. Jumping Test APPENDIX: THE HORSE-SHOW CHILD
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  • Počet stran: 248
  • Nakladatel: Xenophon Press LLC; Xenophon Classics ed. edition (16 April 2016)
  • Jazyk: angličtina
  • ISBN-10: 0933316860
  • ISBN-13: 978-0933316867
  • Rozměry: 15.2 x 1.3 x 22.9 cm

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Rozměry 15.2 × 1.3 × 22.9 cm


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