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Long-Reining – Wilfried Gehrmann


Dostupné na objednávku.

Work from the ground allows the handler to observe and correct the horse’s way of going without the encumbrance of a rider. This enables the horse to find his own balance and rhythm, and become more supple.

This comprehensive DVD includes valuable advice on:

  • Handler position on the circle, changing direction, and whip handling
  • Equipment: types of reins and whips
  • Starting a horse in long reins for the first time
  • Long reining the driving horse
  • Work from behind, as well as on the circle
  • Work over cavalletti and progressing to jumping a single fence
  • Reschooling difficult or problem horses
  • Collection in double reins
  • Developing piaffe and passage

This is an absolutely necessary schooling DVD for anyone who wants to train her horse in long reins.

51 minutes

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