Man-trailing: How to Train Your Bloodhound – Christiane Liebeck


The extraordinary sensory skills of dogs are often indispensable, but especially in search and rescue missions. In man-trailing, the dog’s sense of smell can be trained to find and follow vital human trails. With the aid of an object that is clearly scented with a missing person’s smell, the tracking dog can identify the correct trail among numerous human and environmental scents. Filled with the latest research and practice, this is a comprehensive manual on tracking and a fascinating insight into the dog’s unique sensory skills. It explains all aspects of man-trailing: which dogs are qualified, how the dog’s sensory skills work, practical equipment, and man-trailing training and practice. It gives useful advice on what the dog’s behaviour tells you.

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  • Vazba: lepená
  • Počet stran: 96
  • Nakladatel: Cadmos Equestrian (29 May 2008)
  • Jazyk: angličtina
  • ISBN-10: 3861279290
  • ISBN-13: 978-3861279297
  • Rozměry: 16.5 x 1 x 24.1 cm


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