Schooling a Horses Part 2: Basic Training 1st year (DVD) – Rudolf Zeilinger


Part 2: Basic Training in the First Year using a variety of four year old horses. Rudolf Zeilinger demonstrates the continuation of early training introduced in part 1 and shows work to develop impulsion, straightening and collection. The benefits of having established the principles of early training are evident in the way the horses accept the demands of more difficult exercises, whilst maintaining their motivation and enjoyment of the work. Also included is the introduction to work in the outdoor school with other horses, and a young horse’s first experience of a competition.

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Rudolf Zeilinger is well recognized and revered across Europe and the USA for his remarkable and extraordinary skills in producing world class horses and riders including, Michelle Gibson, who fulfilled her dream through training with Rudolf Zeilinger for two years and going on to achieve fifth place for the USA in the Olympic Games. Today Rudolf Zeilinger has strong associations to the world renowned Kampmann Stud in Germany, where the philosophy is to use the best bloodlines to breed strong, competitive, rideable horses. He remains an active and successful competitor on the international dressage circuit riding the studs Westphalian, Festival, among others, on whom he has achieved wins at Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and Kur. He is also Sporting Adviser for equestrian issues for the Kampmann Cup series and the Lingen International Festival of Dressage. As the national trainer of the Danish team since 1997, he is now an integral element in the sucess of Danish riders in the world's elite. DVD 58 min


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