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As Hill states in her introduction, ‘Wild horses know everything they need to survive. They are complete. It’s when we domesticate a horse and bring him into our world that he needs to learn new things in order to adapt.’ “What Every Horse Should Know” examines the lessons that are vital for every domesticated horse, whether a trail horse, dressage or jumper, rodeo or ranch horse. The book features sections on how to handle a horse without fear, how to teach respect and patience, and how to help the horse master the actual ‘work’ he needs to do. Written in clear, accessible language, accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and info- graphics, “What Every Horse Should Know” addresses all stages of a horse’s life, from foal hood to old age. Readers can choose to start at the beginning and follow a sequence or enter at the appropriate point in a horse’s life. There are tests for assessing the level of a horse’s knowledge with suggestions on developing individualized tests. The final section of the book provides comprehensive training program checklists showing what lessons and skills a horse should know according to his age.
For anyone intrigued by the workings of the equine mind and seeking insights into how to enrich and strengthen the horse-human relationship, “What Every Horse Should Know” is a fascinating and useful reference.

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From the Back Cover

Essential Equine LessonsEvery horse should receive a basic education that prepares him to live safely and confidently in the company of humans, and it begins with easing common equine fears. Noted horsewoman Cherry Hill explains how to help a horse overcome wariness of human touch and restraint, develop trust in a rider or handler, and learn respect and patience. When a horse no longer surprised or frightened of people, procedures, and things, he has mastered his ABC's and is ready to learn to work calmly and willingly with a human partner. These lessons will result in a solid, honest horse who is:
  • Respectful and attentive
  • Responsive yet controlled
  • Confident and curious
  • Comfortable with routine procedures
  • Calm during the unexpected
  • Easy to catch and willing to work
  • Quiet at a hitch rail, in cross-ties, and alongside other horses
  • Patient and level-headed when mounted
  • Free of separation anxiety
  • Supple, steady, and balanced in motion

About the Author

Cherry Hill is an internationally known instructor and horse trainer and has written numerous books, including 101 Arena Exercises for Horse & Rider, Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage, How to Think Like a Horse, What Every Horse Should Know, and Horse Care for Kids. Visit her at www.horsekeeping.com, where you can find information on her books, DVDs, and horsekeeping knowledge.
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  • Nakladatel: Storey Books (2011)
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